Critical Care Medicine



Critical care medicine evolved from an historical recognition that the needs of patients with acute, life-threatening illness or injury could be better treated if they were grouped into specific areas of the hospital. At Gleneagles Global Health city, Chennai, the Critical Care service has been providing state of the art care for patients. A team of outstanding clinicians from Anaesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Emergency Medicine personally direct all care given to patients on the service and lead teaching programmes for candidates who are interested a career in Critical Care Medicine.

Our course is designed to impart knowledge and skills about critical care of the patients admitted in the Medical ICU and other speciality ICU’s. Experience and knowledge gained from this course will help improve the care delivered not only in the Medical ICU but also to critically ill patients in other areas such as the Postoperative Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Cardio Thoraric Unit and Neuro Intensive care and in Emergency room settings. During the course, candidates will become familiar with the ICU setup, quality and safety needs in the ICU, general principles of intensive care and advanced management of specific critical illnesses. Further our course also impacts to evaluate the critically ill patient using clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation framework with evidence based, rational and cost effective approach. Critical Care Nursing is specifically targeted to impact competent nursing care to critically ill patients in ICU.

Course and Eligibility:

  • IDCCM – Post PG(MD/MS/DNB) – 1 year ( 2 seats)
  • Post PG Dip(DA/DTCD or equivalents) – 2 years
  • Post MBBS with certificate course in Critical Care – 2 years (2 seats)
  • IDCCN Post B. Sc(Nursing)/ GNM – 1 year (4 seats)

Course Director:

Dr. Vijil Rahulan, HOD and Sr. Consultant

Dr. Rajavel, Sr. Consultant

Apply on or before 29th June 2017