How To Manage Acute Back Pain At Home | Dr Phanikiran | Gleneagles Global Health City


Acute, sudden lower back pain is common during the Covid-19 lockdown. Watch this video by Dr Phanikiran, Senior Consultant – Spine Surgery, Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai to know a few tips to manage these severe back pains at home.

Minor injury to the lower back due to bending and lifting something or a simple fall, etc. can be a cause for severe back pain. The first thing to do in such cases is to lie down on the bed, apply some ice packs on the affected area, gently apply a local ointment or a spray and take some basic painkiller that you have at home or on the advice of your doctor. Usually, with 2-3 days of complete bed rest, bare minimum walk, repeated ice packs and ointment application, one will be relieved of 80-90% of the pain. But in case the pain still persists, it is advisable to see a doctor for further treatment.