Lifestyle Changes For A Healthy Spine | Dr Phanikiran | Gleneagles Global Health City


The most common spinal problems are due to our lifestyle apart from other chronic health disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes. Watch this video by Dr Phanikiran, Senior Consultant – Spine Surgery, Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai to know what lifestyle changes can be done to improve spine health and prevent spine problems.

Changing some lifestyle habits can prevent spinal problems –

  1. Maintain the posture to avoid back and neck pain especially people who have long hours of sitting jobs.
  2. Exercise regularly to keep the neck and back muscles strong as without exercise the muscles become weak and less flexible putting strain on the back and neck.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated, take a good diet and adequate sun exposure to keep the bones strong.
  4. Proper sleep of at least 8 hours is required to give rest to the spine.
  5. Quit smoking as smoking can put one at a higher risk of spinal fractures.