Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant


Kidney transplant is done for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease- Stage 5. When the patient’s kidney fails to excrete water and metabolic wastes, these patients depend on dialysis to remove metabolic wastes. Kidney transplant which is a better therapeutic option than dialysis can be considered for these individuals. A successful Kidney transplant takes care of all excretory, metabolic and endocrine functions of the kidney. A kidney donor can be a living donor or can be a deceased donor (Brain Dead Donor).

Causes of End Stage Renal Disease

Below are the common causes of end stage renal disease -

    1. Diabetes mellitus
    2. Systemic hypertension
    3. Chronic glomerulonephritis
    4. Long standing renal stone disease
    5. Recurrent infection – chronic pyelonephritis
    6. Congenital kidney diseases- ex- developmental abnormalities.
    7. Genetic kidney disease- ex- ADPKD, Primary hyperoxaluria.

How You Can Prepare For Kidney Transplant

The first step is to ensure that you choose the right hospital for kidney transplant. It must have experienced nephrologists, transplant surgeons, the best surgical/medical equipments, support services available to ensure the most comfortable recovery, post-procedure follow-up and health monitoring, etc. Series of tests and examinations will be done to confirm your suitability for the Kidney transplant. These include:

Recipient Testing

  • Blood group
  • Complete blood test --Kidney, Thyroid and Liver Function Test, Coagulation Profile
  • Tissue cross match between recipient & donor
  • Tests for HIV and hepatitis B,C
  • Prostate exam (for men)
  • Mammogram and Pap smear (for women)
  • Heart and lung exams
  • Blood vessel study of recipient(iliac Renal Doppler)

Donor Testing.

  • Blood Group
  • Complete blood test --Kidney, Thyroid and Liver Function Test, Coagulation Profile
  • USG Abdomen
  • Heart and lung exams
  • DTPA – scan to assess individual kidney function
  • Renal Angiogram.

Before the procedure - Kidney Transplant

A detailed evaluation will be done before the kidney transplant that will include:

  • A complete medical examination
  • Assessment of your ability to withstand the surgery and tolerate the long term medication
  • The presence of any other medical conditions that may affect the success of the renal transplantation procedure
  • Various tests to determine the suitability of a donated kidney

During the procedure - Kidney Transplant

The Kidney Transplant surgery is divided into 3 main segments:

  • An incision is made in the lower part of abdomen and the new kidney is implanted. The surgeon will determine if the old kidney should be removed or remain in place. Usually the native kidneys are left in its place when it comes to kidney transplan.
  • The blood vessels of the new kidney are connected to blood vessels in the lower part of abdomen.
  • The ureter of the new kidney is connected to the bladder.

After the procedure - Kidney Transplant

After the Kidney Transplant surgery you will have to spend a week or more in the hospital. The functioning of the new kidney will be monitored. On leaving the hospital you will be given a recovery regimen to follow and will have to visit the hospital regularly for checkups. Your medication will be modified as you recover, but you will have to take Immunosuppressive medicines for the rest of your life.

Why Gleneagles Global Health City for Kidney Transplant

There are several reasons why GGHC is one among the best centres for Kidney transplant or Renal transplantation. These include:

  • Best Nephrology specialists round-the-clock
  • Expert & renowned renal transplantation surgeons
  • Cutting-edge medical infrastructure
  • Clinical outcomes for kidney transplant procedures on par with International standards
  • Complete and focused post-surgical care
  • Access to any ongoing care or treatment you may need in the future.

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