Challenging Eye Tumour Successfully Removed At Gleneagles Global Health City To Save Vision Of A Patient From Oman

22nd March, 2022, Chennai: Gleneagles Global Health City (GGHC), a leading tertiary care hospital in Chennai, successfully treated a 58 year old Omani bus driver who was suffering from an eye tumour.

Mr. Abdul*, an Omani airport passenger bus driver, was unable to drive as he complained of a bulge, heaviness, discomfort, and blurry vision in his right eye. The ophthalmologist had advised him to undergo a surgery after seeing his tests and scan reports.

The recommended surgery, he was told, required a neurosurgical approach, or a bone cutting operation involving a large wound near the outer corner of the eye to remove the tumour. These long operations involved the risk of leaving the patient with a droopy upper eyelid. In addition, he ran the risk of developing a squint that could cost him his job or worse still, loss of vision in the eye due to injury to the delicate optic nerve, the nerve of vision, during the surgical operation since the tumour was touching and possibly attached to it.

The patient was very apprehensive and unwilling for the serious risks told to him. He sought care that is more advanced and this was when he was referred to Dr. Ravindra Mohan at Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai who examined him in detail to understand the location, size, and nature of the tumour. He planned a minimally invasive orbital surgery to remove the tumour completely and safely in a very controlled and delicate manner without leaving behind a visible scar.

Elaborating the case, Dr. Ravindra Mohan, Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgeon at Gleneagles Global Health City said, “Orbital tumors in the adult population maybe malignant or benign. In this case, the large tumour measuring about 2 centimeters, nearly the size of the eyeball, was located behind the eyeball, in close relation to the eye nerve, blood vessels and eye muscles that crowd the back of the eyeball. Using an exquisite technique that involved a small opening hidden by the lower eyelid, the tumour was removed intact. All the vital structures were left untouched and safe. The tumour removed at surgery was sent for tissue diagnosis to decipher its nature. Much to everyone’s relief, it was not malignant and its removal had been complete. The meticulous Anaesthesia care of the patient during surgery under the leadership of Dr Madhurima S, Senior consultant – Department of Anaesthesia, Gleneagles Global Health City involved a special form of anesthesia to reduce the risk of bleeding and make the surgery not only easier but also safer.”

The patient made excellent recovery. His eyes looked and felt perfect, and within a week, a grateful Mr Abdul* flew back to Oman.

Congratulating the team on the success of the surgery, Dr. Alok Khullar, CEO, Glenealges Global Health City, Chennai said, “Undertaking a complex surgical intervention, especially on the eye requires high levels of precision and expertise that has been well showcased by Dr Ravindra and his team. Today, with advancements in technology and appropriate infrastructure more and more people suffering from such ailments get back to lead a normal healthy life.”


Orbital surgery is a niche super- specialty that deals with the tissues and diseases around the eyeball, contained within the hollow socket of the skull called the orbits. It is one area of the specialization that is part of Ophthalmology known as Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, or Oculoplasty. At GGHC, Dr Ravindra Mohan has been providing cutting-edge services for the treatment of orbital diseases for over a decade. Bulging eyes resulting from thyroid eye disease, orbital tumors, orbital infections like black fungus, orbital bone fractures are some of the common conditions treated by the Orbit Service. It attracts patients from all corners of the country and also from many countries around the world. Numerous challenging cases that could not be treated at centers elsewhere have been treated at GGHC. Due to the complexities involved in Orbital Surgery, the potential risks and need for highly skilled surgeon and Anaesthetist, not many centres in the country and even in many other countries perform such operations.

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