Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, Becomes The First Hospital In The Country To Perform A Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound-guided Kidney Tumour Treatment!

~ A kidney tumor patient suffering from kidney failure was successfully treated by the combined efforts of the experts from Radiology, Nephrology, and Oncology

Chennai, 27th April, 2022: Gleneagles Global Health City (GGHC), a leading quaternary care multi-specialty centre in Chennai became the first hospital in the country to use real-time contrast-enhanced ultrasound guidance to treat a kidney tumour by Microwave ablation in a patient with Renal failure.

Mr. Adesh*, aged 76 years, was suffering from tumours in his kidneys and was operated twice to remove the tumours. Half of each kidney was drawn during this procedure, causing the other half kidneys to function at a low level. During a routine check-up at Gleneagles Global Health City, a recurrence of the tumour in his left kidney got discovered. Following consultations with Prof Dr S Rajasundaram, Director – Institute of Oncology, and Dr Muthu Kumar, Senior Consultant – Nephrology, he was referred to Dr Mohnish, Consultant – Interventional Radiologist for Microwave ablation. After initial evaluations, Dr Mohnish and his team opted for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound guidance (without X-ray radiation) for the procedure.

Being a 76-year-old with multiple co-morbidities, he was not fit for surgery. The doctors planned for an alternative minimally invasive procedure called Microwave ablation – burning the tumour from the inside by inserting a small needle into the tumour from the skin.

The treatment was changed from a CT-guided procedure to an ultrasound-guided procedure since he was a kidney failure patient. Moreover, doctors used microbubbles contrast ultrasound to identify the tumour tissue from the normal kidney tissue and then burn the tumour tissue using Microwave ablation.

Dr. Mohnish, Lead Interventional Radiologist, Gleneagles Health City, Chennai, added, “Interventional Radiology procedures are minimally invasive procedures where we choose the right modality like ultrasound or fluoroscopic X-rays / CT scans to do a procedure. In this case, we had to replace X-rays / CT scans with contrast-enhanced ultrasounds for this patient with kidney failure. This novel technique will help many kidney failure patients to undergo contrast ultrasound-guided treatments. This is the first time in Indian history, that contrast ultrasound has been used to identify kidney tumours without Contrast enhanced CT. Interventional Radiology uses high-end, cutting-edge technologies for treatment and soon many people will be able to avail the benefits of Interventional radiology among health care providers.”

While commenting on this achievement,>strong> Dr. Alok Khullar, CEO – Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, said, “Treating kidney tumours with such precision can only be possible with expertise coupled with high-end technology. We are very proud of Dr Mohnish and the team for being able to treat the tumour efficiently.”

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Over 10 years of clinical excellence has earned the hospital tie-ups with all major cashless health insurance players and is the preferred choice hospital by all major corporates in the city. The hospital is an international medical destination for thousands of patients in India, Middle East, Africa and SAARC nations. The hospital also offers VideoConsult services to its patients in India and abroad.

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