Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai conducts unique Focus Group workshop for its nursing staff under AHPI

Th Nursing Conference

Chennai, January 7, 2017: Gleneagles Global Hospital, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise recently held a focus group workshop under the banner of AHPI (Association of Health Care Providers, India) at its Chennai Hospital for Nursing Leaders drawn from all over the country and few specially invited International Nursing and Health Care Leaders. This workshop was a part of the 6th International Nursing Conference with the theme “Clinical Leadership for health care in India Vision – 2020”.

The objective of the focus group workshop was to develop strategic plan for nurturing and developing Clinical Nursing Leadership in healthcare industry in India. The workshop unfolded in-depth knowledge on nursing leadership with leaders from across India with International experts. With aim of developing a competent specialist nursing team, the program focused on the core-competencies of the nurses who play role in building interpersonal & inter-professional skills and assertive communication.

Key topics of discussions included; development of Clinical Nursing Leadership module & Gold Standards along with a plan to implement the module across India with the mark of AHPI. The announcement of AHPI Certified Clinical Nursing Leadership Crash Course was the highlight of the workshop. The module will empower Middle Level Nursing Leaders in the Health care system, achieving the theme of the conference.

Dr Jothi Clara J Micheal, Director-Nursing & Quality, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, said, “Modern era of Nursing needs leaders who envision and proactively adapt themselves to healthcare system which by itself is dynamic in nature. In India few hospitals have strong Nursing leadership in the middle level but by and large majority of the health care system lacks the kind of clinical leadership, which comes through empowerment, demonstrating proactiveness, productiveness, understanding business and finally aimed at clinical governance. I’m glad that the outcome of focus group has brought into realization in the minds of many Health care Leaders, Nursing Directors and CNOs. Strengthening middle level leaders is the need of the hour and together we can make it.

Dr GIRDHAR GYANI, Director General AHPI added “Clinical Nurse Leader is comparatively new role to have highly skilled nurses focused on improvement of quality and safety outcomes. They are healthcare systems specialists that oversea patient care coordination, assess health risks, develop quality improvement strategies, facilitate team communication and implement evidence based solutions at the unit level. The proposed program will meet the urgent need in enabling of middle level nursing staff to be quality champions and in playing synergic role with clinicians to improve patient safety”.