Teen undergoes liver transplant at city hospital

A 16-year-old boy from the suburbs of Chennai recently underwent a live liver transplant for a rare genetic condition.

Dilli Ganesh was born with a rare condition, called cholesteryl ester storage disease. Doctors who treated him at Gleneagles Global Health City said it was a rare metabolic disease, and only 17 such cases had been reported so far.

The treatment was covered under the Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme.

According to them, the teenager’s was the first such case to be reported in India. The condition was treated through a live liver donor transplant. The condition, caused by a mutation in the LIPA gene, leads to liver failure as the child grows. Ganesh was undergoing treatment at the Institute of Child Health for the last 14 years. But when his condition became critical, the hospital contacted experts in Gleaneagles Global Hospital. The boy was evaluated and when his mother came forward to donate a part of her liver, the doctors decided to go ahead with the transplant.

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