Time for sero surveillance across tamil nadu

CHENNAI: Following the strategy of Chennai Corporation, which began Covid-19 antibody testing for its staff, the State government has announced it would be conducting sero-surveillance for the rest of the State. It aims at detecting antibody levels against the virus to measure the population’s immunity to its past infection. On the other hand, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had given approval for all States to use the rapid antigen-based testing. However, due to concerns prevailing over its efficacy, the State decided not to procure the kits, but instead use the RT-PCR kits, which continues to remain the gold standard.

While the two methods of testing have been doing rounds on the news lately, it has created confusion among the public, as it gives a general perception that both are the same. While both have similar names and provide results in 15-30 minutes, the purpose of both is different. Express explains the differences between various testing methods and explores possibilities of newer antibody tests.

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