Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction


When women experience problems like pain during sex, absence of desire or orgasm or if they are unable to respond sexually, it is called female sexual dysfunction. It can affect all age groups. Lifestyle, environmental factors, past experiences, etc. all play a role.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Unwillingness to enter into any sexual activity
  • Inability to feel any arousal
  • Not reaching orgasm
  • Pain during sex

Causes and Risk Factors

  • Hormonal changes after giving birth or after menopause
  • Major diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s, etc.
  • Drugs to combat depression, hypertension drugs, chemotherapy, allergy medication, etc.
  • Reduction in estrogen levels
  • Mental disorders like anxiety
  • Chronic stress
  • Differences with partner


  • Might cause relationship issues with partner
  • May affect women mentally


  • The doctor will take into account the patient’s medical history. The patient is encouraged to be honest with the doctor while answering questions.
  • A pelvic examination to rule out any physical changes that might be causing sexual dysfunction.
  • Blood tests to pinpoint other conditions which might indirectly lead to sexual dysfunction.


Treatment depends on the cause of the issue.

  • Estrogen/androgen therapy
  • Medication to stimulate desire – side effects should be discussed beforehand
  • Open conversation with partner is encouraged
  • Vaginal lubricant can be tried
  • Stop drinking - alcohol has been shown to limit sexual response
  • Exercising is a known mood elevator
  • Adopt various stress reduction techniques
  • Counselling


  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating nutritious food
  • Quitting alcohol and smoking
  • Refraining from illegal/recreational drug consumption
  • If any prescription medication is suspected of causing dysfunction, alternatives can be discussed with the doctor.

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