Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty dealing with the restoration, reconstruction or alteration of anatomical structures of the human body. The term originates from the ancient Greek “plastikos”, which means to shape or give form. Plastic surgery can help restore function and also appearance. This includes reconstruction of birth defects, traumatic injuries and physical abnormalities caused by illnesses such as cancer. Plastic and reconstructive surgery can benefit patients of all ages and genders and help improve the patient’s quality of life.

Department Overview

The Department of Plastic Surgery at Gleneagles Global Health City is composed of a team of highly-skilled plastic surgeons, trained from some of the best medical schools in the world. The department focuses on creating a patient-centric experience, making the patient comfortable and helping them see tangible results. The hospital performs, on an average, 600 plastic surgeries every year and provides world-class follow-up care. The surgeons are experienced in using cutting-edge techniques to reconstruct damaged organs and repair defects. Our state-of-the-art medical facilities, efficient staff and our commitment to patient care make us one of the best hospitals for plastic surgery in the country.

What Plastic Surgery Can Do

Physical Appearance

The main aim of aesthetic surgery is to improve the patient’s physical appearance. The surgeons produce the aesthetic result that the patient desires, within reasonable and practical limits. The procedure can improve the patient’s relationship with their body. In some cases, such as rhinoplasty, breast reduction surgery or gender-affirmation surgery, the procedure can improve the patient’s physical health as well.

Confidence Levels

Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery can improve the patient’s self-confidence. It can help the patient overcome their physical insecurities and feelings of pain associated with trauma or bullying and peer pressure. The procedure can help the patient move past their self-consciousness about their appearance and engage with their work, relationships and social life in a more relaxed manner.

Enhanced Mental Health

Patients who choose to have aesthetic or reconstructive surgery have typically suffered mental or emotional trauma as a result of their appearance. Plastic surgery can help these patients move forward and leave their traumatic past behind. Patients may experience an increase in self-confidence and a decrease in societal discrimination, which can have a profound and positive impact on mental health.

Social Life Implications – Improved Quality of Life

Reconstructive surgery is not only useful in improving the patient’s appearance, but can also help improve function. Plastic surgery allows victims of accidents to regain their ability to work and function normally. Patients have a renewed confidence, with which they can become more active in social settings, without fear of bullying, rejection or being treated with pity.

More Opportunities

Plastic surgery may allow patients to explore more opportunities for work. Plastic surgery can help save a person’s livelihood, especially in the case of industrial or road accidents. With immediate medical attention and a committed plastic surgery team, the patient’s ability to work and support themselves and their family can be saved. Some studies suggest that more “conventionally attractive” people fare well in certain professions such as sales and marketing or real estate dealership.

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