Holistic spine care

Holistic spine care

Preventive spine care

Spinal injury due to accidents can be prevented with some preparation and forethought. The Preventive Spine Care clinic focuses on the prevention of osteoporosis and fractures in geriatric patients and sports-injury prevention. The clinic addresses pain management, fall-prevention and prevention of workplace accidents.

Exercise therapy

Patients with back pain are often referred to exercise therapy as a non-invasive, conservative treatment before any surgical steps are considered. The goal of exercise therapy is to reduce pain, increase function, and teach the patient a regimen to prevent future back pain. Exercise therapy for back pain focuses largely on strengthening the abdominal and lumbar muscles. Exercise therapy is a combination of active exercises and stretching. It also gives the patient passive physical therapy strategies to ease pain and increase function, such as ice packs, heating pads or massage.

Posture clinics

Good posture is key to spine health. Spending long hours in bad postures can give you a sore neck and back but it can also cause more long-lasting damage. Proper alignment of the spine while sitting, standing and walking around through the day can drastically reduce wear-and-tear and shocks to the spine. Minor misalignments in the skeleton due to bad posture can cause instability and result in falls and accidents.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychological course of therapy recommended for patients with chronic pain. The “tendency to catastrophize” is a common theme among patients with chronic pain. Living with chronic pain and discomfort takes a psychological toll and needs to be addressed by a qualified professional. The therapist performs an assessment of the patient’s mental health and a treatment plan is developed accordingly.

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