Paediatric Cardiology

Paediatric Cardiology

The division of paediatric cardiology at GGHC has treated thousands of children with a wide range of congenital heart disease. From foetal echocardiography, antenatal diagnosis of birth defects of the heart to the advanced diagnostic and interventional paediatric cardiology procedures, our expert paediatric cardiologists have provide a wide gamut of services to children with heart disease.

GGHC runs a specialist cardiology clinic focusing on initial evaluation, diagnosis and management of heart diseases in new borns, infants and children. This is well complimented by the advanced diagnostic facilities available at GGHC including the latest echocardiography machines to scan the heart and cutting edge catheterization facilities.

Our paediatric cardiologists are well versed in performing advanced catheter based interventional cardiac procedures. These include

  • Device closure of ASD
  • Device closure of PDA
  • Ductal stenting
  • Pulmonary artery stenting
  • MAPCA coiling

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