Oesophageal Tumour/Cancer

Oesophageal Tumour/Cancer


The oesophagus which is the main channel of food passage is a complicated network of lymphatic muscles, extending from the larynx to the stomach. Oesophageal cancer is the sixth most fatal cancer. It can attack any part of the Oesophagus.

Signs and symptoms

Sudden, unexplainable weight loss, pain while swallowing food, chest pain or pressure, indigestion that worsens with food consumption and a hoarse cough are the typical symptoms exhibited by people affected with Oesophageal tumour or cancer. However, this condition can remain asymptomatic for an extended period.

Causes and risk factors

If symptoms persist for long, medical attention is recommended. Barret’s oesophagus is a condition that could sometimes indicate the presence of tumors and should be discussed with medical experts. Exact causes of Oesophageal tumor are not known but observations reveal the abnormal growth of the cells in the oesophagus tend to accumulate as a tumour.


Factors that aggravate the irritation of the oesophagus cells primarily contribute to the occurrence of oesophagus cancer. Habits like smoking and alcohol consumption trigger complications related to Oesophageal Cancer. If Oesophageal Cancer is left untreated it could lead to a blockage in the oesophagus restricting the passage of food, and causing severe pain and bleeding in the food pipe.


The procedures followed to diagnose Oesophageal Cancer are a barium swallow followed by an X-ray, endoscopy to discover cancer-prone areas and a biopsy to test for cancerous cells. Based on the results of these diagnosis further tests to locate any cancerous lymph nodes are often advised.


Oesophageal Cancer poses a major threat of post-surgery complications and infections. Global Health City’s experienced team of surgeons is dedicated to the health and recovery of the patient. Depending upon the patient’s condition and the stage of cancer, appropriate surgical treatment is suggested. Endoscopic surgery is advised for the removal of minor tumors in the upper layers of the oesophagus. Oesophagectomy is the surgical process under which the cancerous portion of the oesophagus, the upper stomach and the surrounding lymph nodes are removed and the rest of the oesophagus is then connected with the stomach. Oesophagogastrectomy is the surgical process in which the upper part of the oesophagus and a larger part of the stomach and the surrounding lymph nodes are removed and the balance stomach is attached with the oesophagus with the help of colon if needed.


The exact causes of Oesophageal cancer are not known. But healthy habits like regular exercise, quitting alcohol, quitting smoking, observing a healthy weight will help prevent the occurrence of oesophageal cancer.

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