Pancreatic Tumour/Cancer

Pancreatic Tumour/Cancer


Pancreatic cancer is the condition when there is a cancerous growth in the lining walls of the pancreatic ducts that carry the digestive enzymes.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of Pancreatic tumour are blood clots, sudden weight loss, dark-coloured urine, itchy skin, skin becoming pale and yellow, abdominal pain that is felt in the back, and fatigue.

Causes and risk factors

The exact reasons for the occurrence of Pancreatic Cancer are not known. Without an appropriate medical diagnosis, the cancerous cells can be spread across the other organs. Any genetic history of syndromes or Pancreatitis will increase the risk of Pancreatic tumour. Other factors are diabetes, being overweight and smoking.


Pancreatic Cancer brings complications of weight loss, jaundice, and bowel obstruction where cancer affects the small intestine.


Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer involves Imaging techniques like MRI, CT Scan, PET scan; endoscopic ultrasound, biopsy where a part of the tissue is extracted for testing, and blood tests where tumour markers are used to diagnose the presence of Pancreatic Cancer cells.


When the Pancreatic Cancer causing tumour is located at the head of the pancreas, pancreaticoduodenectomy is the procedure used to remove the infected area of the pancreas, liver, part of the bile duct and reattach the healthy parts. Distal pancreatectomy is the surgery performed to remove the cancer-affected part of the head and tail of the pancreas; Total pancretectomy wherein the entire pancreas is surgically removed; if blood cells are affected, then there are certain specific options of surgery to treat the cancerous cells.


Pancreatic Cancer is caused by uncontrollable factors like genetics, family history.

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