Stomach (gastric) Stricture Following Corrosive Poisoning

Stomach (gastric) Stricture Following Corrosive Poisoning


Gastric stricture due to ingestion of corrosive substances is rare, risky and the injuries vary. The chances of the upper gastrointestinal tract being damaged are high. The extent of damage in case of gastric injury due to corrosive poisoning, varies from partial to severe, like partial gastric mucosa or total gastric mucosa, transmural necrosis, prepyloric strictures or chronic gastric injuries. If a large volume of corrosive liquid has been ingested it scars the stomach completely and results in diffusely contracted stomach.

Signs and symptoms

Gastric obstruction is indicated by nausea, a feeling of fullness, bloating, immense abdominal pain and continuous vomiting. Burning sensations, extreme pain while swallowing, and blood in the vomit - are often early signs of the existence of the condition.

Causes and risk factors

The corrosive capacity, the viscosity and the quantity of intake determine the intensity of the damage to the inner lining of the stomach. Accidental ingestion of corrosive poisons is common among children and the extent of the damage sustained depends on the strength of their bodies.


Severe post corrosive injuries and oesophageal perforations may be fatal complications in certain cases, especially acid based poisoning. Oesophageal stenosis and gastric stenosis are also experienced.


Clinical examination, endoscopic and exploratory laparoscopic examinations and radiological testing are among the main diagnostic tools that are used.


In case of stomach strictures due to ingestion of corrosive poisons there could be a part of the pylorus (the opening in the stomach that connects to the duodenum) damaged and this requires Stricturoplasty that involves removal of scar tissues. Gastrojejunostomy is the surgical treatment advised in cases of long-segment strictures. This is the surgical process that creates a direct connect between the stomach and the middle part of the small intestine.


Ingestion of corrosive substances generally occurs when persons have suicidal thoughts. It is important to increase social interactions and develop healthy lifestyle habits to build a happy mind and strong personality that would shun depression and negative thinking.

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