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Gastroenterology is the field of medicine that specialises in the digestive tract and all its constituent organs. Gleneagles Global Health City is equipped with a distinguished team of gastroenterologists from the best medical institutions. All of our staff, from our experienced doctors and technicians to our nursing and support staff, are well-trained in their speciality and provide the highest quality patient care. We have a strong culture of community within our department, ensuring nothing is compromised when it comes to your healing.

The Institute of Advanced Gastroenterology at GGHC has the expertise to treat a gamut of gastrointestinal conditions, ranging from common disorders to rare ones. Our specialised labs and procedure rooms are equipped to perform advanced medical tests. Patients are presented with a highly competent diagnostic set-up and multiple options for treatment. They have access to world-class specialists and surgeons, caring for them round-the-clock.

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A consultation with our panel of doctors, specialists and surgeons will help you determine what kind of services you may need to help diagnose and treat your condition. If you or someone in your family or friend’s circle are facing any health issues, please get in touch with us, we are here for you.