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Department of Neuro Sciences,Global Health City Chennai

Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system are called Neurological disorders. More than 600 neurological conditions are recognized that vary in the type of symptoms experienced, and the conditions are acute, chronic, remissive or degenerative in nature. The scientific study of the nervous system is done through Neuroscience. It is a multidisciplinary branch of biology which understands the fundamental and emergent properties of neurons and neural circuits. Neurosciences combines physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, developmental biology, cytology, mathematical modeling, and psychology.

Gleneagles Global Health City is one of the best hospitals of neurology in Asia, located in Chennai who are committed to integrate its medical expertise in providing the latest and the one of the best neurological care and treatment to the people present all over Chennai. Gleneagles Global Hospital has few of the best neurologists in India, located in Chennai that aim to provide the best treatment for the people suffering from neurological disorders.

The department of neurosciences at Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai performs over 1,000 procedures every year. We have a dedicated team of few of the best neurosurgeons who have undergone training from the best faculty of renowned institutions. We aim to provide the best diagnosis and treatment to our patients with an established and well-equipped lab, and with the finest technological equipment. 

Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai performs a number of treatments for various disorders which are listed below:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Paralytic disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis

We at Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Chennai understand the importance of your problem and provide you with the best of services in the present day.

Why choose Global Health City for Treatment of Neurological Disorders?

We are amongst the best hospitals for treatment of neurological diseases in Asia, located in Chennai with many years of experience in this field, treating thousands of patients each year. Our facility is well furnished with the latest technology machines to provide the best of service and care to victims.

Why choose Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai?

  • Excellent Doctors

Meet with our team of highly skilled, compassionate and knowledgeable doctors, who aim to be there for you when you need them the most. We strive hard to offer a healthy tomorrow to most of our patients, and we achieve this with the support of our amazing staff.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

We have streamlined processes, advanced technologies, world-class infrastructure, and are specialized and interdisciplinary care. We also aim to meet every patient's health needs, and are perennially committed to your well-being.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

At Gleneagles Global Health City, we are keen on providing global access to advanced healthcare. Our facility is equipped with high-precision technologies and top gadgets that gives you a world class healthcare experience. Our commitment to personalized care matches our exceptional medical expertise.

The main objective of our team of neurologists and neurosurgeons is to improve your quality of life, improve your neurological function regardless of your condition and thereby empower you to take control of your health. We strive our best to achieve this.

Diagonsis of Neurological Disorders

Gleneagles Global Health City is one of the best hospitals for neurosciences in Asia, located in Chennai which offers highly advanced image-based diagnostics tests for accurate evaluation and management of neurological problems. We have few of the top neurosurgeons in Chennai and a team of dedicated specialists, bringing a wealth of experience and wide-ranging expertise that has helped us grow into the one of the best neurosurgical care centers in Chennai. Our finest Neuroscience technology provides the perfect base for creating the optimal plan of treatment for our patients.

The diagnostic procedures carried out at Gleneagles Global Health City are:

  • Nerve Conduction Tests

The speed of an electrical impulse moves through your nerve is measured by Nerve Conduction Tests which helps to identify nerve damage.

  • Electromyography Studies

Electromyography Studies is used to help detect neuromuscular abnormalities which measure the Muscle response or electrical activity in response to a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle.

  • Evoked Potential Studies

Electrical activity in the brain in response to stimulation of sight, sound, or touch is measured by evoked potential studies.

  • Motor Unit Number Estimation

Motor Unit Number Estimation is a method which uses electromyography to estimate the number of motor units in a muscle.

  • Autonomic Nervous System Evaluation

Autonomic Nervous System Evaluation helps to see if a disease is affecting the autonomic nervous system. There are several tests which are done to monitor blood pressure, blood flow, heart rate, skin temperature, and sweating.

  • Invasive Video EEG Tests

The recordings that are made with electrodes that have been surgically implanted on the surface or within the depth of the brain is known as Invasive EEG recordings.

  • Interventional Angiography

A procedure in which blood vessels (arteries or veins) are injected with a dye is called Diagnostic and interventional angiography. It shows up on X-Ray to detect narrowing or blockages.

  • Genetic Testing

Genetic test results can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition. It may even help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

Facilities at Gleneagles Global Health City’ Institute of Neurosciences & Rehabilitation

  • Cranial Endoscopic Neurosurgery Centre
  • Hydrocephalus Centre
  • Spine Endoscopic Neurosurgery Surgery Centre
  • Endovascular Neurosurgery Center
  • Brain Tumor center
  • Pituitary Centre
  • Acoustic Schwannoma Center
  • Emergency Stroke Program

We protect the health and well-being of our patients to help them lead a healthy life by providing excellent clinical and unparalleled patient care.

Treatment of Neurological Disorders

Gleneagles Global Hospital is one of the best hospitals for treatment of Hemiplegia, Aphasia, Stroke, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease (PD), Dementia, and other neurological conditions in Asia, located in Chennai which offers advanced surgical interventions for the treatment and management of neurological disorders. A team of few of the top and highly specialized neurosurgeons strives for the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and management of all neurological conditions to ensure that the patient suffers from as little trauma as possible.

What are the different diseases/conditions treated by the Institute of Neurosciences?

  • Hemiplegia

Hemiplegia is a disorder caused due to brain damage or spinal cord injury which may lead to paralysis on one side of the body.

Hemiplegia causes:

  • Weakness
  • Muscle control problems
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Aphasia

Aphasia is an inability that affects a person’s ability to communicate which may result in brain damage.

  • Stroke

Stroke is a problem that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain.

  • Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder which causes the brain activity to work abnormally. It causes seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensations, and sometimes loss of awareness.

  • Dementia

A collective term which describes various symptoms of cognitive decline, such as decline in memory power. Several underlying diseases and brain disorders are common symptoms of dementia.

  • Neuropathy

Neuropathy typically results in numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and pain in the affected area which is caused by damage or dysfunction of one or more nerves.

  • Neuralgia

It is a pain that travels throughout the length of a nerve.

What are the neurosurgeries done at the Institute of Neurosciences?

  • Stereo EEG Implantation

Stereo EEG implantation allows on the surface of the brain and deep within it for simultaneous exploration of electrical activity.

  • Subdural Grid Implantation

When seizure activity cannot be located by ictal scalp recordings, Subdural grid arrays are used.  It is also used when functional cortical mapping is required before surgery.

  • Intraoperative EEG

It monitors the functional integrity of certain neural structures during surgery.

  • Craniotomy

A craniotomy is the surgical procedure which exposes the brain by removing a part of the bone from the skull.

  • Complex Temporal Epilepsy Surgery

The seizures that are uncontrolled with medication are treated through Epilepsy surgery.

  • Hemispherectomy

Cerebral hemisphere (half of the brain) is removed, disconnected, or disabled through this very rare neurosurgical procedure

  • Thrombolysis

It is a treatment to improve blood flow by dissolving dangerous clots in blood vessels. It also prevents damage to tissues and organs.

Brain Stroke

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Alzheimer’s Disease

  • What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disorder that causes brain cells to waste away (degenerate) and die. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia — a continuous decline in thinking, behavioral and social skills that disrupts a person's ability to function independently. Read more

Pituitary Tumour

  • What is a Pituitary tumour?

Pituitary tumors are abnormal growths that develop in your pituitary gland. Some pituitary tumors result in too many of the hormones that regulate important functions of your body. Read more

Brain Tumour

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Best Neurologists in Chennai

Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system are called Neurological disorders. The scientific study of the nervous system is done through Neuroscience. Gleneagles Global Health City is one of the best hospitals for treatment of neurological diseases in Asia, located in Chennai which offers comprehensive treatment and care for all neurological conditions. The department is one of the best facilities for the treatment of neurological diseases with excellent diagnostic methods and infrastructure.

We specialize in diagnosing and treating neurological diseases, and aim to provide healthy and quick recovery for all the patients. Visit us at Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, for consulting with the best team of Neurologists and Neurosurgeons in Asia, located in Chennai.

Dr Dinesh Nayak

M.B.B.S, M.D (General Medicine) D.M (Neurology)

Director, Neurology Senior Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologists.

Dr Venkatraman Karthikeayan

M.B.B.S, M.D (General Medicine), D.M (Neurology), Diploma (Neurology)

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Satish Kumar V

M.B.B.S., M.D, D.M

Senior Consultant - Neurophysician and Stroke Neurologist

Dr Vikash Agarwal

M.B.B.S, M.D, D.M

Senior Consultant

Dr Praveen Chander

M.B.B.S, M.D, D.M


Dr Lakshminarayanan K

M.B.B.S, M.D, D.M, Fellowship in Pediatric Epilepsy (RCH, Melbourne)

Part time Consultant - Paediatric Neurologist and Epileptologist

Dr Nigel S ymss

M.B.B.S, D.N.B (Neurosurgery)

Senior Consultant

Dr P M Jagannath

M.B.B.S, D.N.B


Dr K. Arul

M.B.B.S, M.S, FRCS (Ed)

Associate Consultant

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