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Advanced Centre for Epilepsy (ACE)

The Advanced Centre for Epilepsy at Gleneagles Global Health City is the only facility in the state of Tamil Nadu that can provide Level 4 care for epileptic patients and, in some cases, curative surgery. The objective of the advanced centre for epilepsy is to consolidate all diagnostic and treatment facilities for epilepsy and other seizure disorders under one roof. The doctors at the Advanced Centre for Epilepsy are highly trained experts in their field, chosen specifically for their specialized work with epileptic patients. The Advance Centre for Epilepsy strives to provide the best quality of life to all their patients.

Comprehensive Parkinson’s Disease Clinic (CPDC)

The Comprehensive Parkinson’s Disease Clinic at Gleneagles Global Health City provides comprehensive, compassionate treatment for patients with ataxia, dystonia, essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease. The goal of the clinic is to help patients feel empowered, and allow them to move past their condition and achieve a good quality of life. The clinic provides advanced diagnostic facilities, as well as medical, surgical and therapeutic facilities for healing and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy is an important wing of the clinic, where our experienced physiotherapists guide our patients through a customised rehabilitation routine.

Stroke Centre

The Stroke Centre at Gleneagles Global Health City in Chennai deals with patients with a range of cerebrovascular disorders. This includes ischemic strokes, transient ischemic heart attacks, intracerebral haemorrhages, subarachnoid haemorrhages, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, carotid artery stenosis, etc. The Stroke Centre is an interdisciplinary body, where our neurologists, cardiologists, radiologists and surgeons work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient. 

The goals of the Stroke Centre are:

  • Reduce the chances of stroke in high-risk patients
  • Treatment of strokes
  • Prevent recurrence of stroke
  • Post-stroke patient rehabilitation
  • Long-term care and monitoring for young adults who have had strokes early in life

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