Department Overview

Orthopaedic care has progressed by leaps and bounds and new techniques for better mobility as well as pain management are constantly cropping up. The Department of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement at the Gleneagles Global Health City offers world-class services and is striving continuously to provide patients with the best treatment techniques. The department’s surgeons have received their training from the best specialists in the world which is evident in their skills.

Patients on arrival will be taken care of immediately, and their condition will be diagnosed by the doctors in the orthopaedic department in conjunction with imaging services. A personalized treatment plan will then be worked out to ensure quick recovery and to regain mobility. Patients’ welfare is always a top priority.

Joint replacement surgeries too are performed here by highly qualified and experienced doctors. Patients have always been happy and satisfied with the surgical outcome.

Why choose us for your orthopaedic care?

State-of-the-art Surgery Centre

Technology is constantly advancing and we stay up-to-date with it always. We never compromise on our equipment as we understand that our doctors’ experience and expertise is most effective and beneficial to our patients when used with the best technology and infrastructure. Our surgery centre is comparable with the best in the world and patients can rest assured that they will receive the finest care.

24x7 Comprehensive Orthopaedic Care

Day or night, patients can avail our services whenever they are in need as we are open to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the Gleneagles Global Health City’s Orthopaedic Department, patients can always enter with the confidence that they will never be turned away.

Highest Level of Infection Control Protocols

All our staff are well-versed with the infection control protocols to be implemented and understand the need for adhering to them uncompromisingly. The fact that surgical outcomes and the patient’s welfare are dependent on the compliance to these protocols are well-entrenched in the minds of our staff and they accordingly stick to the infection control protocols with no deviation whatsoever.

Ultra-Modern Facilities

Not only are our operation theatres fitted with the best and most advanced instruments, our wards too are well-equipped and offer the patient the best comfort and care.

An Experience You Can Trust

Patients come to us apprehensive and scared, and we understand and empathize with their condition. All doubts and questions are answered with patience and we make sure the patient is well-informed about the treatment procedure that we intend to carry out.

Salient features

Complex Primary Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

For relief from hip and knee pain due to arthritis, hip and knee replacement surgeries are suggested. Here, the hip and knee joints are replaced with implants. These surgeries are usually done for arthritic pain management in the final stages or following a fracture. We are skilled at these surgeries and patients are always happy with the mobility and the freedom they get from pain after these surgeries.

Revision Hip and Knee Replacement

While the results from primary hip and knee replacement are very good, with time, a second surgery might be needed to replace with new prostheses. This is called a revision hip/knee replacement. This procedure is more complex than a primary hip replacement and is done for the patient to regain mobility.

Oxinium (Ceramic) Total Knee Replacement

Here, oxinium (which is an alloy) is the preferred material of choice to be used as an implant in relatively young patients (50-60 Years of age), as it has increased resistance to scratching and friction is also less. With the use of an implant made of oxinium, patients get an implant that can last longer.

Complex Pelvic and Acetabular Fracture Fixation

Acute pelvic fractures are usually the result of high velocity road accidents and may be life threatening. Multi-disciplinary approach has saved many lives. Reconstruction of these fractures & acetabular fractures require special skill and training. Our doctors are experts in these.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

For patients with massive rotator cuff injuries and those who suffer from shoulder damage due to arthritis, this surgery is suggested. As the ball and socket implants’ position is reversed, this surgery gets the name reverse shoulder replacement. We have performed this surgery successfully with satisfactory and long-lasting results.

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A consultation with our panel of doctors, specialists and surgeons will help you determine what kind of services you may need to help diagnose and treat your condition. If you or someone in your family or friend’s circle are facing any health issues, please get in touch with us, we are here for you.