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The vascular system consists of all the blood vessels that carry blood throughout the body and the lymphatic system. Oxygenated blood is carried away from the heart and lungs through the arteries and deoxygenated blood is carried back to the heart and lungs through veins. Vascular and endovascular surgery deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the vascular system. Vascular surgery comprises of the traditional open surgical techniques used to treat vascular diseases. Open surgical techniques may be used for wall repair, clearing obstruction or reconstruction. Endovascular surgery consists of endoscopic and minimally-invasive techniques performed to treat vascular diseases. Patients may require vascular or endovascular surgery to treat peripheral artery disease, vascular malformations, varicose veins, aortic aneurysms and diabetic foot disease. The surgical approach is carefully chosen based on the patient’s diagnostic tests and their general health.

Department Overview

The Department of Vascular and Endovascular surgery at Global Gleneagles Health City is recognised as one of the leading vascular health-care providers in India. The department provides specialised vascular diagnostics and treatment to patients with peripheral artery disease, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, arteriovenous malformations and other vascular disorders. The surgical team consists of experienced, highly-skilled surgeons, who have been trained at premier international medical institutes. The doctors combine their medical knowledge and experience with the latest cutting-edge medical research to create specialised and effective treatment plans for their patients. The surgical team is assisted by an efficient support team consisting of nurses, laboratory technicians and assistive staff.

Precautions to be taken for Healthy Legs

  • Maintain a healthy weight – You spend a lot of time on your feet and obesity can put a lot of pressure on the circulation to your feet.
  • Don’t sit for too long – Keep the circulation to your feet pumping by taking periodic breaks from sitting to take a little walk.
  • Exercise regularly and stay active – The key here is regularity. Working out intensely at sporadic intervals will not help much.
  • Wear the right footwear – The right footwear provides support to your arches and keeps your feet healthy. This is crucial especially while you exercise.
  • Wear compression socks – Compression socks can help improve circulation in the legs and prevent varicose veins and spider veins.
  • Try massage – Foot massages can help improve circulation and reduce pain, when performed by a licensed massage therapist or a physiotherapist.
  • Elevate your legs above your heart – Prop your legs up above your heart for a few minutes every day. The calves should be raised as well. This helps improve circulation and relieve swelling.
  • Reduce the temperature of your showers – Hot water can increase swelling, so shower with cold water, especially after workouts.
  • Quit smoking – Smoking damages the vascular system and makes you more susceptible to blood clots.

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