Conditions treated include the following

We provide comprehensive treatment for a wide spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders

  • Gallbladder
    o Gallstones
    o Cholecystitis (inflammation)
  • Stomach and Oesophagus
    o Indigestion/ Acid Reflux/ Oesophagitis/ Gastritis /GERD
    o Ulcers
    o Hiatus Hernia
    o Gastric Cancer
  • Duodenum
    o Duodenitis (Inflammation)
    o Ulcers
  • Liver
    o Cysts in Liver
    o Liver Cancer
    o Liver Cirrhosis
    o Fatty Liver
  • Pancreas
    o Pancreatitis
    o Pancreatic Cancer
    o Pancreatic Inflammation

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