Types of spine issues

  • Ankylosing spondylitis

It causes inflammation of the spinal joints that lead to chronic pain and discomfort. Read More

  • Cervical spondylosis

It occurs when wear and tear affects the spinal disks in your neck. As the disks dehydrate and shrink because of the growing age or poor posture. Read More

  • Lumbar disc prolapses

It occurs when the gel-like center of a disc breaks through a weak area in the tough outer wall resulting in back or leg pain, numbness or tingling. Read More

  • Spinal stenosis

It puts pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine because the spaces within your spine narrows. Read More

  • Cervical radiculopathy

It is when a nerve root in the cervical spine becomes inflamed or damaged, resulting in a change in neurological function.

  • Scoliosis

It is a sideways curvature of the spine that happens to some during puberty.

  • Spondylolisthesis

It is a spinal condition that affects the lower vertebrae (bones). In which one of the lower bones to slip forward causing pain and discomfort. Read More

  • Cervical disc disease

It is a frequent cause of neck pain and radiating arm pain. It occurs when one or more of the cushioning discs in the cervical spine starts to break down.

  • Degenerative disc disease

 It happens when one or more of the discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column deteriorates or breaks, leading to pain.

  • Kyphosis

It is a spinal disorder in which an excessive outward curve of the spine results in an abnormal rounding of the upper back. 

  • Lumbar spine stenosis

It is a narrowing of the spinal canal, pressing the nerves traveling through the lower back into the legs.

  • Disc extrusion

This occurs when the nucleus squeezes through a weakness or tear in the annulus, but the soft material is still connected to the disc.

  • Cervical myelopathy

It is caused by compression on the spinal cord that is characterized by clumsiness in hands and gait imbalance.

  • Whiplash injury

It is a neck injury because of forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck.

  • Spinal Disc Protrusion

It occurs when the disc annulus remains intact but forms an outpouching that can press against the nerves. Read More

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